3D Studio Lab


Imagine & Immerse. Indulge in a 3D experience that will make learning an incredibly involving and enchanting process. With 3D animations, difficult questions find easy answers and it becomes a joy to teach complex topics. Be it Biology,Chemistry,Physics & Mathematics – a 3D experience is a pure delight, taking students into a life-like virtual world, where abstract ideas come to life.

  • Life-Like Virtual World
  • Wide Range of Topics
  • High Quality 3D Animations
  • Easy-to-Grasp Methodology

“The kids are into technology. We need something different in the classroom. It is more philosophical than just putting computer in the classroom. Technology is not just about learning the content. Technology will change the view of life. Children must have different points of view on life.” – Teacher comment

“The pupils wanted, and expected, very high quality animations.” – Teacher comment

Concepts become alive with stunning 3D experience

  • 3D Eureka Stereo content – 3-Dimensional Digital content offers to the schools from 1st std to 12th std, these modules are designed in 3D and integrates STEM in the lessons. (Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics)
  • 3D Digital Mono content comes with a library of around 4000 topics catering to K12  curriculum of Science and Mathematics.
  • This content consists of 3D animated videos, 3D simulations and 3D interactive quiz and games.
  • The 3D animated videos act as strong visualization tools for easy understanding of complex concepts. Likewise the 3D simulations, 3D interactive, 3D virtual labs, set in a fun-filled gaming environment, give learners an infinite opportunity to actively interact with challenging concepts.