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Computers for Schools helps students gain greater access to computer technology in order to develop the skills needed to thrive in a knowledge based economy.

Powerful separate E-learning / LMS Application for all students and teachers.

  • Simplify teaching and learning by collaboration.
  • Completely advanced learning management system.
  • Courses and Video management system.
  • Digital Platform to conduct classes and group interactions.
  • Questions and Answers forum.
  • Quiz on tutorials and PDF Material

Imagine & Immerse. Indulge in a 3D experience that will make learning an incredibly involving and enchanting process. With 3D animations, difficult questions find easy answers and it becomes a joy to teach complex topics. Be it Biology,Chemistry,Physics & Mathematics – a 3D experience is a pure delight, taking students into a life-like virtual world, where abstract ideas come to life.

  • Life-Like Virtual World
  • Wide Range of Topics
  • High Quality 3D Animations
  • Easy-to-Grasp Methodology