Our Other Products

India’s first unique teacher desk

  • India’s first unique teacher class desk which can be installed in the classroom and connected to the E class board.
  • Teacher desk comes with online cloud option so that teachers can easily get connected to download and upload the academic data online without any delay.
  • Helps to plan the lessons by accessing the digital content videos, documents and files before teaching on the classroom digital board Helps to mark attendance online and can send SMS to the absentees at the same time directly from the classroom Teacher can send home work messages, assignments, practice tests directly from the class.
  • Helps in effective of technology so that teachers can enhance their skill sets easily.

Digital Podium & Kiosks

  • Ergonomically designed user interface
  • Easy moving with special steel – material wheel
  • Monitor angle auto adjustment function
  • The superstructure composed with 19″ LED tablet monitor
  • Used in university, Middle School, High school and meeting room

All in one interactive LED touch panel

  • The fast movement and clear screen of the large display
  • The direct input and output interface
  • Multi-touch icon function in cover glass for user interface

Digital Content

  • Highly researched, Rich animated eLearning content mapped to every board
  • High resolution videos, animations & teaching materials for schools
  • Bundled with assessment tools and question banks
  • Amalgamates concepts, exercises, practice tests & question banks supports from kg-12th std. For schools & colleges
  • Content mapped to AP, Telangana, CBSE & ICSE boards
  • Dedicated student content enabling them to revise and refresh at home