Digital Learning Classrooms


Technology has impacted our lives and brought about significant changes in the manner we live today , be it banking , mobile phone revolution or retail purchase with on line marketing etc …

Schools, colleges and even universities and specifically classrooms cannot be exempt of this transformation.

Technology has really changed the way , method of teaching in the classroom. Classrooms in schools – are no more dull and passive – devoid of interaction and dialogue .

Technology has leveraged – the text book content and converted them to e leaning digital content – using rich animations , videos , and teaching tools and inputs –integrated with a host of assessment concepts , exercises , practise tests , and question banks supporting for KG to 12th class for most syllabi and curricula – like State board , CBSE , ICSE , IGCSE and IB for most subjects like Maths , Physics , Chemistry , Biology , Business administration , General Knowledge , Computer Education, English and Hindi – usage of which leads to participation by the student , involvement and healthy interaction from both students and teachers .

The teacher uses this digital learning content to complement and supplement her efforts – thereby contributing to learning with understanding – based on real life applications , and concept based education enabling the child to participate and surpass competitive exams like NEET , JEE etc and face challenges in life successfully leading to holistic development of their personality and skills.